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As the Sark dies out, DJI had a foldable the Mavic Mini. Tinier than the iPhone 11pro, lighter than the Mavic 2’s battery. Still using the WiFi protocol for communication from the drone to remote – it is much better than the Spark’s and with correct settings, you could possibly get halfway to the said range – VLOS is still the set rule by the CAA, so you should be good.

The DJI Mavic Mini bost a 2.7k video quality camera, 12MP still imaging sensor. For what it is designed to do, most people will be happy with its capabilities. The Spark had many problems that DJI have tried to solve with the Mini, the complexity of the sensors that were not always useful for one is the main reason why according to me the drone was a bit of a shortfall from what it would have achieved.

The battery for one allows the DJI Mavic mini to fly for 30min (okay, more like 26min) that’s an added 15min+ and the Mini is 61g lighter than the Spark, I suppose the diet helped with the flight time, but again, mostly attributed to the removal of the sensors.

The range of the Mini has been bumped up to 4km, of course, you will not be able to get that range, however, the longer-range ensures that the drone and remote controller optimally communicate giving you a better flying experience than its predecessor the Spark.

The affordability of the drone coupled with better imaging quality and better flight time could be the key to getting more people in the drone community and thus helps fasten the adoption of the drone technology in the world, more especially here in Africa.

This palm-sized aerial marvel is not a thing to undermine regardless of the drone to having obstacle avoidance sensor on the front, back, nor sides, no follow me mode, it will do what most people in that segment want to do without fail.

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