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We will happily collect your drone for repairs.
In a hurry? book your drone for repairs and choose to have a rush assessment and repair.

Our skilled technicians will have you back in the air. Get a diagnostic assessment report within 2-3 working days.

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We will keep you updated at every stage of the repair process. Every repair tickets update from our staff is visible and accessible on our website so you are always in the loop.

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Every repair is different…… but our highly trained technicians are always ready to advice you on what needs immediate repair to assure smooth flight and crisp footage. Never compromising on quality and functionality.

How much does a repair cost?

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Africa Drone Kings is a DJI Approved after-sales support and a Drone Repair Center, and we’re known Nationwide for the quality, fast and efficient drone repairs we provide. We also Service all the Parrot Drones in South Africa, Zhiyun gimbals and more to come.


Every repair is different – but here are some examples of what our clients have paid for recent work.

Mini Minor Repair

R1700 – R2700 (est)

Shells and landing gear replacemen 

Phantom Minor Repair - Gimbal repair

R5000 – R6000 est

Shells and landing gear replacement

[drone] Large Repair

R3400 – R4500 (est)

Shells and landing gear replacement



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Drone Repair
Drone Repair FAQ's
Drone Trade-Ins
Drone Maintenance
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Behind The Scenes @ ADK



Africa Drone Kings offers DJI certified in-house repairs.

Our industry-leading technicians give unparalleled assistance and invaluable advice.

Our technical department is held to the greatest of professional standards, and every aircraft that comes through our build and repair service will receive the same degree of  attention and care.

ADK has been in the business of technical drone repairs for the past 3-4 years.Our team of technical experts have worked on more 3240 drones in total from Dji Consumer models to enterprise models. 

 We have grown from a team of 3 technicians to 6 in the space of 2 years given the demand for expertise of the level ADK currently holds. This has also improved our Turn-Around time making it much quicker complete repairs on any aircraft provided. 


ADK has managed to even do technical repairs for some countries in Africa of late and our standards have never dropped at any point.Our team of experts is locally recognised for the expert advice they provide to ensure that end users know how to maintain every component that comes in their package such as Drone,RC and Batteries. We use advanced communication systems to ensure that our clients remain updated on their ticket and be part of the journey as much as possible. 



Simply put, the warranty covers damage that is not the result of user error or careless flying.

ADK Repairs Warranty, what we cover and what we don’t: 

  1. We will cover any fault caused by a part replaced by ADK for a period of Six months- After Flight data analysis is completed. 
  2. We will cover issues related to screen error after repairs given it was due to workmanship but not a universal malfunction. 
  3. RC and Drone disconnected issues will be covered after a flight data analysis has been performed to find the route of the problem.
  4. Loss of connectivity due to flight range will not be covered under warranty. 
  5. Drone Short circuit issues will not be covered under warrant

Ready To Book A Repair?

Drone Repair FAQs
Where do I send a drone for repair?

Africa Drone Kings is located on the ground floor of First House at 258 Main Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg. You can also send it to us from anywhere in the country.

How can I repair my DJI drone?

The simple answer is don’t try to do it yourself. For safety, efficiency and the required expertise, send your broken drone to Africa Drone Kings. With in-house technicians trained by DJI, we can repair your drone quickly and properly. Our experienced team will always be available to offer you ongoing support and consultancy.

How much does it cost for ADK to fix my drone?

The cost of the repair depends on the severity of the damage of the drone. Get in touch with our repair team to get a quote.

How long will it take for ADK to repair my drone?

We aim to repair your drone as quickly as possible, but the standard turnaround time is:
Assessment : 2-3 working days
Rushed Assessment: 12 working
Repair : 2- 3 working days
Rushed Repair: 12 working hours

The above is dependant on availabilty of parts.

What is ADK's drone repair process?

Step 1:  You may either call, Email or Book your drone via our website here.

Step 2: Drop off your drone at our store or request that we collect it from you here alternitively send your drone to us using your own courier services.

Step 3: Once your drone is received, our Drone technician will diagnose your drone within 2-3 working days and contact you with an official repair quote.

Step 4: Upon approval, we repair your drone. Every drone is flight tested, calibrated, and updated before every return.

Step 5:  Pick your drone up at our store location or have your drone shipped.

Happy Flying!


First House, 258 Main Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, 2196

Ready to get back in the air?


Our drone experts are here to help.

Email or Call Us +27 (010) 592 1919

At Africa Drone Kings we pride ourselves on excellent customer service with unbeaten quality repair. That commitment extends fully in every department.

We can get you back in the air quickly, and keep you up to date every step of the way.


Certified DJI Drone Repair Technicians.

Why choose ADK  for your drone servicing needs?

We’re experts in drone repair, plain and simple.

Our DJI-trained specialists will make sure your equipment is in top shape so that you can keep doing your aerial work as efficiently as possible.

We provide a thorough DJI drone servicing package, conducted by our skilled technical staff, to set your mind at ease and ensure your aircraft is in top shape.

Our professionals will conduct a series of comprehensive service inspections on your aircraft to verify that it is fully operational and in excellent condition. If any problems are discovered, we will notify you, and once you have accepted any necessary repairs, we will schedule your equipment for repair.

We always conduct a flying test to ensure that the drone functions properly and is fully operational. Flight tests will differ for each aircraft, but they will always include a general stress test to ensure your drone’s performance.

Small Drone Service

R999.00 est

Suitable For:

Mini series, Air series, Mavic Pro

Medium Drone Service

R999.00 est

Suitable For:

Mavic Pro series, Phantom series, Mavic 3 series

Large Drone Service

R1500 est

Suitable For:

Inspire series, M3oo Series, M30 series

How does a drone service work?

Book a Service Ticket – You’ll book a service ticket here.

Send Equipment Using Our Couriers – We’ll send you a waybill that will cover courier postage of your equipment to us. Simply arrange a time that suits you to have the equipment collected by the courier.

Equipment Inspected by our Tech Team – Our tech team will perform a number of in-depth service checks on your equipment to ensure it’s in full working order.

Necessary Repairs Performed – If there have been faults found with your equipment, the team will be in touch to let you know. As soon as you’ve approved any necessary work, we’ll book your equipment in for a repair through our standard process.

Drone Flight Tested – If you’re sending us a drone of any kind, we’ll perform a full flight test to ensure that the drone works under operational conditions.

Equipment Returned to You – Your equipment will then be safely repackaged by our warehouse team, and sent back to you.

What part of my drone will be serviced?

The following areas will be checked if applicable on your aircraft:

Structural Checks – Your aircraft will be meticulously checked for cracks and damage that could result in issues with its operation.

Battery Health Checks – Battery cell variance, physical battery state and other checks are completed.

Cable Health Checks – Some drones may require additional cable checks to ensure that all internal cabling is secure.

Motor Functions – Each motor on the aircraft will be assessed for defects that could lead to a failure. Propellers will also be checked for damage.

Software Updates – The software on your drone, remote controller, batteries and camera will be updated to the latest available version.

Calibrations – All hardware on the aircraft is checked to ensure it’s within DJI’s tolerance levels and working appropriately. This includes the compass, IMU, etc.

Camera Functionality – Standard testing is completed to check the camera functionality for images and video.

Landing Gear Checks – Landing gear is assessed to ensure functionality is within DJI’s tolerance level with appropriate lubrication.



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Drone Repair Centre

Certified DJI Drone Repair Technicians

Africa Drone Kings is a DJI Approved after-sales support and a Drone Repair Center, and we’re known Nationwide for the quality, fast and efficient drone repairs we provide.

Drone Repair Experience

Our technicians are DJI certified and have drone fixing experience for years from fixing the first drone generation of DJI Phantom 4 FC40 to the current models of DJI Matrice 200 series.

Drone Repair Centre

We Repair all Drones & Brands

We do aircraft Maintenance and servicing for individuals owners, Hobby pilots, Cooperates drone owners and Governments sectors. We also do camera repairs, gimbal repairs, Ronin repairs, Osmo repairs & firmware updates.


5.0 rating

Luqman Aslam

They're really good at their service. They guide you about everything related to drones and flying in detail. The sales and the technical staff are really good, helpful, and friendly. The guy Masase who is a technician, helped me in fixing some bugs and guided me well about flying. Highly recommended.

5.0 rating

Jaden Grobbelaar

Some of the best customer service I have seen to date. Incredibly quick to respond to emails, buying remotely was incredibly easy and efficient and the goods were shipped very quickly. Can't recommend highly enough

5.0 rating

Keletso Setshedi

I feel like 5 stars is an understatement, they helped be well beyond working hours and made sure I left there sorted. Keep up the good work

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